Frank S. Howard Company Providing superior representation in the midwest.

Manufacturer’s We Represent

  • Reynolds Consumer Products - Hefty & Kordite trash bags, aluminum foil, wax paper, disposables (foam tableware), and E-Z foil Products.
  • GrassWorx LLC - Clean Machine (Astroturf) door mats, shoe/boot scrapers and tray.
  • Blocksom & Company - Roof Saver rolled ridge vents.
  • KIK International - Spic & Span/Comet household cleaning products.
  • Wenko USA - Step on cans, bath accessories and laundry products
  • Arrow Home Products - High quality household plastic products.
  • Zibra LLC - Open It for packages and bottles, as seen on TV.
  • Madison Mill, Inc. - Clothes drying racks, baby/safety gates and oak garden stakes.
  • Rockline Industries - Coffee filters/baking cups; baby wipes.
  • Ettore - Window cleaning products, Grip'n Grab Tools, Floor Squeegees, Automotive cleaning products and more.